Madeira Island

About the Island of Madeira

Madeira Island is one of Europe’s most beautiful travel locations, with many thousands of tourists returning year after year. It offers not only an all year round summer climate as well as wonderful fauna and flora. It is also virtually crime-free.

Madeira is a Portuguese archipelago situated in the north Atlantic Ocean, southwest of Portugal. Its total population was estimated in 2011 at 267,785. The capital of Madeira is Funchal, which is located on the main island’s south coast.

Because of their privileged geographical position and mountainous relief, have a surprisingly mild climate. Very mild average temperatures, 22ºC in the summer and 16ºC in the winter, and a moderate level of humidity confer upon these islands exceptional subtropical features. The seawater temperature is also very mild, because of the influence of the warm Gulf current. Presenting averages of 22ºC in the summer and 18ºC in the winter.

One can reach the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo by air or sea. There are two airports: Madeira International Airport – in Madeira, and Porto Santo Airport, on the island of Porto Santo. Because the ports of Funchal and Porto Santo are often visited by cruising ships. They serve as gateways to the islands, as well as departure points to other destinations. Connections between the islands are either by air or ferryboats, which also transport cars. Surface transport on the islands is trouble-free thanks to the modern road structure, which has been significantly improved in recent years. Practically all points of these islands are served by a good road and transport network.


The welcoming populace, wonderful climate and diverse and delicious food makes Madeira a holidaymaker’s delight.

Tourists come mostly by plane from Germany, Scandinavia, France, Northern Europe and the UK to find some winter sun, peace and quiet. The summer months see a greater demand from the countries of southern Europe, where people come to escape the searing heat and tourist influx in their home towns.

Living in Madeira

Couples and families of all ages come to Madeira to fulfil their dream of purchasing the ideal house on this luscious green island, where life moves along at a pace far more suitable to a stress-free and healthier lifestyle.  One thing you’ll notice right away is that, due to its mild winters, you won’t have to sleep under a pile of blankets and duvets. And it’s ok to leave your umbrella at home most of the times.

The cost of living in Madeira is considerably lower than in the rest of Europe, but it obviously depends much on your lifestyle. Most goods are cheaper than in other EU countries, including the price of real estate, rent, food, drinks and entertainment. In fact, most foreigners from Western Europe who live in Madeira consider that the cost of living is 50% lower than that of their homeland.


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